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Alright series I guess.

This is the most homophobic thing I've ever seen, but also the best. MAKE MORE

I agree with the last review, make more of the sonic show.

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Glitchy, but fun.

Cool game, it killed about half an hour for me.

Lol @ all these people getting pissed of because they couldn't be arsed to get the medals. This game is absolutely perfect if you've got nothing better to do.

Also, tab + Enter = win for any losers who are gonna spend like, 3 hours going mad at the mouse for the 10k clicks medal.

Pure fun.

Best game on Newgrounds, I can play this for hours without getting bored. Amazing graphics, gameplay and it's pretty entertaining watching the turtle bounce up and down hitting everything in it's path.

Great job but I'm gonna stop reviewing this and get back to playing the game. :)

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Couldn't be better.

After listening to the demo loop I just had to come and check this out. I really like the song when it gets past the first minute and as the song goes on it makes me want to listen to more.

10/10 & 5/5.

Added to favourites.

Truly awesome.

I liked how it used a touch of techno. This song make me wanna take my clothes off and dance on the table. This must've taken quite a lot of work, great work.

10/10 & 5/5.

Mrmilkcarton responds:

Your clothes off huh? I might have to buy a boom-box and some batteries and walk around town with this song.

Pretty good.

First of all, not bad for your first ambient try. I liked the loop but sometimes the piano someties went a little out of tune but this was definitely worth listening to.

8/10 & 4/5.

ephixa responds:

There is no such thing as a little out of tune unless your setting up the synth to be detuned which is a method to get a differen't type of sound.

What your hearing isn't a tuning issue its when notes that are close together are played at the same time they make a different sound.

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Pretty good.

It's alright but next time, use maybe some shading techniques and put more detail into it. either way, nice try man. :)

WizardZombie responds:

Thanks! I made this years ago and I left it on my camera so decided to post it!

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